Saturday, October 3, 2009

WAVE application form

WAVE Application Form
Early deadline October 7/ Late deadline October 15
Please type and email as an attachment or in plain text to



Address (where you will stay till August 2010):

Mobile and landline phones:


Languages Spoken:
Level of fluency in English (Average, Above average):
Written English: Spoken English:

Educational qualifications (Degree/ diploma/ other, name and location of institution):

Current job status:

Family’s annual income:

How did you hear about the WAVE project?

Please provide the names and contact info of two references (Preferably one NGO staff person and one educational or professional associate):

Previous experience with computers and the internet (please tell us if you own a computer, have access to the internet, and describe how long you have used computers. You may also wish to tell us which programs you use and which websites you visit frequently):

Previous experience with photography or video (if any):

Can you describe three community issues that concern you and tell us why?

Please share any additional information if it pertains to your involvement in this program:

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