Monday, June 14, 2010

Wave Mumbai event

Getting an opportunity to come to Mumbai to witness the Wave event will certainly go down as one of those memorable moments I will always look to for inspiration. The day had a two-fold joy for me. Firstly, I was getting an opportunity to see the buzy and busy Bombay for kind of the first time. But perhaps, most importantly, it was the realisation that dawned on me of how I was indeed so fortunate to be able to be associated with a national outreach community media program like Wave. Being in the media line myself, it simply meant so much to be involved in an alternative and much freer, uncensored form of expression.

The event in Mumbai was almost like a second phase of the Wave extension meet. Here I met many of the facilitators and resource persons of the training program we had had in December. Felt nice re-bonding with a fellow Wave participant too.

Amidst the fast life in Mumbai, wherein it is so difficult to know a Sunday from a weekday or keep track of routine worries, the run-up to the launch was a one full of lessons and fun, both at the same time.
The technical skills I had learnt earlier, I put into practice as I took position behind the camera to record the program. Looking at the diverse group of people who attended the function, I realised that Wave was indeed making waves in quite a few circles.
Watching from close range what it takes to organise events, manage contingencies like a change in venue at the eleventh hour and how one should act in such situations was an experience in itself.
And then having my video screened in front of a live audience was for me, the icing on the cake. I interacted with many media professionals in an informal setting. Met the video editors who edit our videos, and listened to some of the tips they offered. Acquaintances I met that day became friends.

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