Saturday, August 7, 2010

WAVE supports REDEFINE:FREEDOM - a participatory video project

Freedom is indicative of Free Will; of the right- God-given, Nature-blessed, Constitutionally-protected- to decide. It is the freedom of expression, the freedom of choice, the freedom to express that choice.

We have been free from British rule for sixty three years. But sixty three years on, how do we define freedom? What is freedom to you? To the world around you?
Are you free? Why do you think you’re free? Why do you think you’re not?

A woman in Manipur wishes the Indian Army would just leave.

A farmer, somewhere, wishes that he could retain the right to say ‘No’ to Genetically Modified seeds.

Someone in a relief camp in Gujarat wishes that they could go back home.

And someone, somewhere wonders that while there may be sixteen brands of bottled water, do we really have to pay for water.

A Naga girl back in Bombay wonders when they will stop asking her, “Which country are you from?”

Freedom, sometimes, is simply when families accept the fact of your sexual orientation.

Here’s the proposal: we’re soliciting videos. Off cell-phones, off high-def cameras. A succession of still images. One shot. Archive footage. A testimonial to a webcam. Shoot yourself. Shoot for someone who doesn’t have access to a camera and internet.

It’s simply an idea. Hoping to attract other ideas. Trying to become a bigger idea.

All we’re seeking is a definition of ‘Freedom’. In one sentence. We’ll take what we get; three films, seven films, eight hundred and seven clips and we’ll put it together as a film and upload it on the 15th of August, 2010.

Put your name on it. And tell us where you’re from.

The rest is down to your imagination. And the identity of the country that only you know.


Send in your images/videos to:

Send in your videos by the 10th of August 2010 and we'll string them together and put them up on the 15th (hopefully!).

If your videos are in a regional language, do send us the text translated to English or Hindi

For large file sizes try the following websites:


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