Friday, September 3, 2010

BBC to organise training on journalism in 8 Indian cities

BBC World Service Trust is going to organise a week long training
course on feature journalism
, for print and television journalists, in
eight cities across India, according to company officials.

Journo Training
The trainings would be led by an experienced BBC trainer accompanied
by a local trainer.

The training course is designed for journalists with a specific
interest in feature journalism (including news features) for early to
mid career reporters. We also plan to do a shorter, follow-up course,
of perhaps 3 days two/three months later.

These trainings will be conducted in Delhi and also in Mumbai,
Bangalore, Chennai, Srinagar, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and
Thiruvanthapuram. Trainings for 4 cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata
and Bhubaneswar will be organized in mid September/October while
trainings for Bangalore, Chennai, Thruvananthpuram and Srinagar will
be held early next year.

We are looking at journalists (both men and women) with following criterion:

Ø Early to mid career journalists (2-5 years of experience)
Ø Interest in feature journalism
Ø Can speak and understand basic English (as English will be the
primary language for training)

BBC is also looking for trainees in Delhi and Mumbai.

In case you are interested in the training programme or need any
clarifications, please feel free to contact
(Mobile:9873051418) or Dr Harpreet Kaur at

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