Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clean Tech Media Award deadline May 15

The Clean Tech Media Award is given to encourage and enhance public awareness and raise ecological and economical consciousness and commitment to promote green technologies. The award bridges the gap between entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, artists, media representatives and consumers and raises awareness and boosts the popularity of the sustainable revolution. The Clean Tech Media Award 2011 takes place the 16th of September at Hansestadt Hamburg; 2011th Green Capital. In proper celebratory style the awards will be given away in the five categories i.e. Energy, Communication, Young Scientist, Lifestyle and Mobility.

Award Categories:

Energy: The category is going to honour the production, distribution, storage and use of resource saving or pollutant-free energy sources to protect the environment. The category will mainly focus on Solar, Wind, and Water and geothermal energy.

Communication: This category aims to honour the celebrities and organizations that fight against climate change and thus are making climate protection and Clean Tech even more popular. The outcome can be as diverse as e.g. marketing campaigns or cultural initiatives, TV spots, radio-shows and movies etc.

Mobility: Pioneering innovations in the resource saving mobility field –in the air, on water or on the ground, are rewarded in this category.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle category awards technologies that make it possible to obtain an ecological consumption- and life-style without abandoning high quality standards.

Young Scientist: This category honours young scientists who present innovative scientific research results, which can provide solutions for climate protection, and thus contribute to economic growth.

Deadline for project submission: May 15th, 2011

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