Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wikipedia event in Bombay - talk about Creative Commons - Sat 18 June

Greetings from wikipedians in Mumbai!

We're hosting a talk on Creative Commons licencing Saturday 18 June at 5 pm at National College's Conference Hall and would love it if you could be there.

The talk, by Dr Shishir Jha, project lead, Creative Commons India, will touch on various conceptual and practical aspects of these licences that are of relevance to filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians, artists, media practitioners, non-profits, activists, lawyers, archives, galleries, libraries, museums and interested others.

Some of the questions the presentation will explore:
*What are the ideological and philosophical underpinnings of Creative Commons licenses?
*Why licence via Creative Commons?
*What does the shift from copyright ('all rights reserved') to creative commons licencing ('some rights reserved') mean conceptually and in practice?
*What kinds of Creative Commons licences are currently available? What are the implications of each?
*What are the benefits and risks of distributing one's work under a Creative Commons licence?

The presentation will be followed by an interactive q and a session, including case studies of using CC licences in India.

Hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday 18 June
Time: 5 pm
Place: National College, Conference Hall, Linking Road, Bandra

on behalf of wikipedians in Mumbai

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