Monday, August 29, 2011

Wave trainee needs support for further education - please help!

My name is Vandana. I left home when I was 20 due to disagreements
with my family over marriage and further education. I have not
disclosed my location to them since then so I avoid using my last name
due to the fear of being tracked as I also fear for my physical

I have been accepted into Prague Film School, Czech Republic to study
documentary filmmaking, for the term starting in September 2011 and
finishing in May 2012.

For two years I worked at Jagori Grameen, a grassroots NGO
in HP which was started by Abha Bhaiya, a well-known women's rights activist in
India. I was also a videoblogger at WAVE (Women Aloud:
Videoblogging for Empowerment). To see some of my videoblogs, go to

I don't have
the financial means to pay for my education but I do have a vision. I
want to study documentary film-making because I want to travel across
India and around the world, meet people who live on the margins and
voice their issues by making politically and socially relevant films.
Having seen so much violence in my own life and emerging against it
has inspired me to make films which give a voice to those who suffer from violence so
that we can work towards the creation of a just and violence-free
world. If I get this opportunity to study in Prague Film School I will
inspire, encourage and motivate many women like me to dare to dream.

I have received 100% scholarship to cover my tuition fees which is 14,
800 euros. I require more funds to cover my airfare. computer, camera
and living expenses in Prague. I have already raised 5,000 euros.
I need to raise an additional 3,50,000 rupees. Can you help me in any
way with doing that? I just have 10 days before I leave and this is
very urgent.

With this email I am sending you my resume, my application materials
for Prague Film School which include my statement of purpose/college
essay, recommendation letters from Abha Bhaiya and Sapna Shahani and a
video titled Gaddi weavers in Himachal which has been produced by me.

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  1. Hello - I read your blog and wish to find the resources you need for your film - contact me - I am a WAVE member
    Vinanti Sarkar Castellarin

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    Looking forward to a favorable reply,