Friday, January 15, 2010

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The news is music to ears

It is almost a month since I wrote my view on the need for blog networks in India. In that post I mentioned how a prudent blog network should have:

  • A more professional blogging experience,
  • Better content therefore, better marketing because of organization and value,
  • Better methods of training for continuance of blogs as information repositories

Women Aloud almost freakishly epitomizes these points in what it does and how it plans to go about it.

I don’t have much clue on the monetization plans this team has on mind, and therefore I am not in a position to question or suggest any either. The project itself though holds benefits aplenty. Besides the empowerment of women through collective learning and a global platform, it can help penetration or computing in the hinterlands.

In one of my earliest posts on WATBlog I had said that I hope the two buzzwords of our time social media and social entrepreneurship work together and grow to completely alter the value chain and entrepreneurial eco system for the better. I am glad to see an example of the same with this idea that Women Aloud brings to the digital table. It also underscores another thought that echoed within this blog of how new media will move on to building solutions and not just conversations in a small manner.

Scrolling through this post I think I made it sound like the seeds of my toil and hard work are now paying its dividends, which is not the case of course. Though I do wish I had come up with such an idea (and some more). All I hope is that this project works out well and meets all the objective it has set out to achieve. Hopefully it will lead to even better digital innovations in India.

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