Friday, January 15, 2010

'Leeza, an Inspiration for the Disabled' - Article in Chauthi Duniya newspaper, Patna, Bihar

It is unfortunate that the newspapers in Patna picked the story angle about Leeza being a disabled candidate selected in the WAVE program. This is NOT why she was selected. She should be proud to have been selected because of her extensive media and NGO experience.

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  1. What irony, foucussing on a person's disability when you are talking about her ability to have made it to WAVE!

    Leeza is experienced in various fields, she is inqusitive, creative, sensitive and extremely passionate about her work. I believe these qualities made her a perfect candidate and not her disability.

    They say we cant stop the world from thinking the way it does. But for all us WAVER's that is complete BS (pardon the language). We are here solely because we believe in change and we WILL bring that change.

    We need to see a person for what they can do and not for what they cant.

    Maybe then the headlines will change....