Monday, July 26, 2010

Rama Barhat, WAVE videoblogger from Udaipur in Indian Express July 25

The School LEAVERS

Rama Barhat’s parents too opposed the idea of her taking a gap year. But she didn’t want to be a doctor or a teacher, to live out her parent’s aspirations. Three years ago, after Class X, she walked out of her government school in Udaipur. Armed with a camcorder that she was given as part of a film-making workshop in Goa, she is now trying to capture life and its quirks. Her first film was called Meri Movie and it told her story, how she left school, and how she has changed as a person. She is now pursuing her studies through open schooling, torn between her own rebellion and her parents’ concern for her. She is also making films, her latest is on the only woman auto driver in Udaipur.

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