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3 day workshop on 'Exposure to Communication Design for IT and Media Professionals' at IDC, IIT Bombay

'Expo CD'

3 Day Workshop:
'Communication Design for IT and Media Professionals'

26th - 28th August 2010 from 9.30am - 5.30 pm
at IDC, IIT Bombay


The course Expo CD is a refresher course on the finer aspects of Communication Design specifically meant for IT and Media Professionals.

The course will inform the participants about the overall aspects of Communication Design for the Digital Media, a deeper understanding of Communication Graphics, Methods for Structuring and Visualisation of Information as well as exposure to creative processes for solving communication problems.

The subjects covered during the workshop include - Typography for Digital Media, Expressive Typography, Typography for the Web, Information Graphics, Information Visualisation, Communication Graphics, Icon Design, Design Process, Design Methodology, Interactive Design, Identity Design, etc..

The course is scheduled to have lecture and discussion sessions in the morning followed by workshops on Communication Design related creative problem solving sessions in the afternoon

Course Contents /Lectures:
The following are the list of topics and speakers during the workshop:

1st Day:
Introduction to Communication Design for IT Professionals

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Web Typography (part 1)
Sri Grirish Dalvi

Digital and Expressive Typography
Prof. G V Sreekumar

Web Design (part 2)
Sri Girish Dalvi

Workshop on Digital Typography
Prof. G V Sreekumar and Sri Girish Dalvi

2nd Day:
Gestalt and Information Theory
Prof. U A Athavankar

Information Visualisation and Design
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Information Graphics

Prof. G V Sreekumar

Ordering of Information
Prof. Mandar Rane

Workshop on Information Design and Analysis
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah and Dr. Ajanta Sen

3rd Day:
Communication Design and Identity - theory and applications
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Human Factors in Communication Design
Prof. N Sadhu

Communications, Scenarios and Storytelling - theory and examples
Prof. Nina Sabnani

Designing Interactive Communication Experiences
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Workshop on Design Methods - worldview, affinities and analysis
Dr. Ajanta Sen

Who will benefit?
The workshop is meant for all professionals involved in the communication media and design industry, design consultancy services and marketing of products. This would include designers, engineers and others involved with Visual Design, Web Development, Software Products, Multimedia Products, Digital Media, Product Graphic design, Interface Design and New Media Design. Organisations would particularly benefit from the workshop by sending in a team of professionals to learn collectively from lectures, case studies, new methods and techniques and the theoretical aspects of design principles.

The early bird course fee for the 3day workshop is Rs. 12,000. For participants from Educational Institutions, the fee is Rs. 6,000. This includes course material, lunch and refreshments for three days. Do register early as the number of participants are limited.

Participants can send a demand draft / cheque payable to "Registrar, IIT Bombay" along with the following details to

ExpoCD Workshop Coordinator
IDC IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai- 400 076
Phone:022 2576 7801

Please send the following details along with the registration fees:






Do you need accommodation?

Limited accommodation is available at the IIT guest house on a first come first serve basis.

Contact details:

If you have any queries, please contact:

Chetan Bhuj
ExpoCD Workshop,
Industrial Design Centre
IIT Bombay
Powai Mumbai- 400 076, India

Phone: 091-22-2576 7820, 091-22-2576 7801
Fax : 091-22-2576 7803, 091-22-2572 3480

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