Saturday, December 11, 2010

1 Minute To Save The World

To Youth Participation to UNFCCC Process,

I am writing to let you know about an exciting online environmental
awareness film competition that may be of interest to you. Our
submission deadline is January 17, 2011. If you could please post
information about our project, I would very grateful. I have attached
a description below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to contact me.

All the best,
Michael Greenberg
Young filmmakers are being asked to take part in an international
film competition by entering 1minute films on regional climate
change. The films will be shown on the Internet, at targeted
political screenings and film festivals worldwide.

“These films are valuable public service announcements that need to be
seen!” said Juan Carlos Brandt of 2009 1 minute to save the world’s
winning films. (Chief of Advocacy, United Nations, Department of
Public Information)

2010 saw devastating heat and natural disasters, such as the floods in
Pakistan. It is more pertinent now than ever before for the global
community to share their stories and have their opinions seen and
heard in an expressive and collective way to promote tangible change.

Award winning film director and climate change activist Shekhar Kapur
(Elizabeth, Bandit Queen), Frank Oz (Star Wars, The Muppet Show) and
UNICEF’s Copenhagen 4, a group of young climate activists, are among
the competition’s impressive line-up of judges.

"The great thing about a one minute film is that it can be as pure and
passionate as an idea. It does not need to be polluted by becoming an
enterprise, a complexity or the desire to make it a work of art,”
Shekhar Kapur, judge for 1 Minute To Save The World.

Collaborating partners include Sony’s Open Planet Ideas, UNICEF,
United Nations Development Program, the British Council, The British
Film Institute (BFI) and Greenpeace.

Prizes for this year’s competition include a £5000 Youth Vision prize
by Artist Project Earth, and the latest digital technology from Sony,
the NEX VG10 camcorder, for the Best Film by a person under 18 years
of age.

“We hope that the global community of young filmmakers will be
inspired to give their creative feedback, ideas and messages and we
will be looking forward to seeing their 1minute films", said
Competition Director Jessica Dunlop. “Anyone can participate by
sharing the films with their online communities, commenting on the
films and voting for their favourites to win the Audience Award”

Advertisers and multinationals have long recognised the power that
just 60 seconds of film can have. The first 1minute competition took
place in the lead up to COP15 and were screened as part of the UN’s
public art exhibit in Copenhagen, in the House of Commons UK, and
online to an audience of over 11 million viewers with the aim of
swaying public opinion and political will.

1 minute to save the world 2009 received 203 films from 35 countries
76000 people from 176 countries voted for their favourite films
The winning films attracted a global audience of 11 million.

Michael Greenberg
Amsterdam Group
Public Relations Consultant/Liaison

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