Friday, December 3, 2010

InnoCentive Video Challenge - $10,000 to the winner!

Challenge Overview
This is the Fourth Annual InnoCentive Video Challenge with the purpose of advancing InnoCentive’s mission, business model, and accomplishments.

For this Challenge, InnoCentive seeks a video whose goal is to drive InnoCentive market awareness and present a clear call to action around our 2011 theme, The Uniquely Prepared Mind.

InnoCentive will select the winning videos and there will be at least one guaranteed winner. The total award amount to all winning Solvers will be $10,000. The award for the first place video will be at least $5,000, and no award will be less than $1,000. In addition, the top 20 finalists will receive an InnoCentive, Inc. t-shirt. Winning videos may be used in future marketing campaigns, and the winning Solvers may be asked to participate in promotions on behalf of InnoCentive.

The winning videos will be a centerpiece for driving InnoCentive market awareness and Solver/Seeker registration. They will also meet the technical specifications outlined in the Detailed Description of the Challenge.

Everyone, including first-time Solvers, is invited to participate in this Challenge!

Note: The videos must only employ elements that their authors have either ownership of or can prove as being in the public domain. InnoCentive will retain exclusive IP rights to all winning videos, and they may be used in future marketing campaigns. The Winning Solvers may be asked to participate in promotions on behalf of InnoCentive.

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