Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Donate to WAVE through Culture Unplugged

'Humanity Explored' is the film festival where we gather and explore ‘interconnectedness’ or ‘oneness’ by remembering what fundamental emotions, needs and dreams unite us, and question/contemplate the divisive perception of ‘otherness’. At this festival, we celebrate our collective humane evolution by contemplating the contemporary cultures & societies, through cinema. Please feel free to invite & welcome the viewers, the fellow citizens, our brothers & sisters at :

Upon watching your film/message, joyous & inspired, people may wish to know more about you or contribute financial support to your film or its social cause. To share with the audience your personal story/aspirations and receive contributions from the audience, we request you to visit :

Culture Unplugged festival team truly thanks you and feels grateful for the kind engagement on this mission by all film-makers and organizations. Together, we support our individual talent and collective voice, facilitate further democratization of film/media dissemination, raise our collective consciousness and contribute to humanity, with this festival.

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