Saturday, February 19, 2011

Download an advocacy toolbox for securing women's access to land


The International Land Coalition (ILC) has published a resource book called “Securing Women’s Access to Land” which is a comprehensive advocacy toolbox that can be used by organizations advocacy and action-oriented research.

Specifically, the advocacy toolbox is useful for small organizations which have limited funds. The strategies outlined to carry out advocacy such as sensitising the media and lobbying do not require financial resources.

The book artfully explains about advocacy; how to develop an advocacy strategy; planning the communication strategy; how to lobby for rights; policy submission and constituency building.

The toolbox has been written by Saranel Benjamin Lebert and Tom Lebert based upon the materials developed for an ILC project in Eastern and Southern Africa. The core of this project was action-oriented research carried out by partners in seven countries with a view to using research results in advocacy.

This toolbox is available in English, French and Spanish. It can be freely downloaded from this link.

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