Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moushumi Basu's Toxic Neglect Selected for Film Festival in Rio

Moushumi Basu's video 'Toxic Neglect' created for WAVE has been selected to screen at the 
2nd INTERNATIONAL URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL in RIO DE JANERIO,  June 28 - July 14, 2012. Get more information at

Congratulations Moushumi! 

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  1. Hi Sapna, thanks for sharing this information with us. I am also from the same state as Moushumi, Jharkhand. I am impressed with the work that she does. Kudos! Loot and plunder of minerals and natural resources is rampant in that state and the authorities neglect it despite knowing full well the situation. People are affected by the uranium radiation in Jadugoda and of course the rampant deforestation in the green state of 'Jhar'khand. I came across this interesting award that Vivel active fair has come up with, for women who have made a difference and brought a change to this is called the Vivel Active Fair Choo lo aasmaan awards. Why don't you nominate her for this?