Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roli Mahajan blogs from Rio 20 on Ecocide

Youth Blast is the place one should visit if you want to learn about concepts (old and new, abstract and concrete). This is the time when there will be multiple events with (generally) young people conducting small workshops in spaces where their soft voices might not always be heard but their passion is. While running around the venue and trying to choose a workshop, people (young and old) end up attending sessions that would increase their knowledge quotient or give them an opportunity to advocate as well as mobilize people.

One such workshop which I happened to peep in on when it was about to conclude was being led by a very passionate young lady, Louise. She was leading this discussion on ECOCIDE. I had heard of the concept but was hazy on details so meeting Louise was a boon. She allowed me to dig a bit deeper and understand the concept. She also speaks of what they aim for through their presence at Rio+20.

Watch the video here.

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