Saturday, October 9, 2010

WAVE Virtual Awards!

Best Overall Videobloggers
Best Ideas and Visualisation - Usha Dewani
Best Video Journalist - Moushumi Basu
Best Videographer - Vandana
Best Photographer - Apoorva Shaligram
Best Director - Prutha Soman
Best Scriptwriting - Clara Rodrigues
Best State Representation - Hissay Choden Bhutia
Best Researcher and Most Supportive to WAVE - Roli Mahajan
Best ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) Videoblogger - Chinju Prakash
Best Use of the WAVE camera (Has started her own training program) - Kalki Subramaniam
Most Interesting Stories - Sarah Rindiki
Best Potential - Rama Barhat
Most Consistent Videoblogger - Violet Vinitha D'Souza

Best Individual Videoblogs
Best Unheard Story (Half Widows) - Lebul Nisa
Most Creative Videoblog (Used Lego in Green Love Story video) - Neha Joshi
Most Striking Conflict Footage (The Land of Dragons) - Salam Babina Devi
Best Satire Videoblog (Corruptgarh) - Moonstar Kaur Doad
Best Insight into an Indigenous Way of Life - Videoblog (A Day in the Life of a Naga Woman) - Wangshikokla Jamir
Best Women's Health Video (Cultural Perspectives on Menstruation) - Sulochana Pednekar
Most Insightful Coverage (Anti-dam protests) - Nyapi Bomjen
Best Video to Inspire Women's Movements (When Women Unite) - Florussel Sathya
Best Story about an Urban Poor Initiative (Community mapping in Kolkata) - Moumita Adak
Focus on an Unsolved Issue (Toilets for women living in slums) - Sakshi Saini
Most Courageous Coverage (Khap panchayats) - Neha Sehgal
Best Philanthropy Profile (Sahuna Nanuma) - Jyotsana Parmar
Best Profile of a Woman in Government (Bharti Deputi Mayor of Bhubaneswar) - Seli Bal
Best Effort (Bihar's Languages) - Leeza Khushboo

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