Friday, October 15, 2010

Sapna Shahani on the Women's Reservation Bill

I wrote this in response to several illogical comments on this Rediff article about the Women's Reservation Bill and it occured to me that I should post it on our very own WAVE blog. Please do comment if you agree or disagree with me, and do watch WAVE videoblogger Vandana's new video documenting the Campaign Reservation Express on the WAVE site.

It's time for this country to seriously encourage its women to step into governance roles. This Bill would send a clear message to women around the country and facilitate their active participation. Why should men be intimidated by only 33% of women in government? Don't we make up half the population? Lalu and Mulayam's old boy tricks are just ways to manipulate people and stall this Bill. What they fear is that women's innate honesty and wisdom to secure better lives for their families will get in the way of the greed and corruption the male-dominated government has shown itself to be.

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