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Film festival for works that have received support from foundations, etc - deadline June 6!

Unfortunately there is a $60 application fee, but it's a unique festival so may be worth it for some... See the actual post here.

The Council on Foundations and Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media (GFEM) are seeking submissions of films and videos for the Council on Foundations' 45th Annual Film & Video Festival, to be held April 29-May 1, 2012, in Los Angeles.


The festival showcases films, videos and television programs that have received support from foundations, corporate giving programs and donor networks with the aim of encouraging grantmakers to use media to advance their philanthropic goals. The festival promotes foundation support of creative, high-quality productions that expand the boundaries of the use of media for the social good.

Submissions may target local, state, regional, national and international audiences. The committee will give special consideration to projects that demonstrate innovative strategies for distribution, outreach, public education and civic engagement such as multi-platform distribution through websites, social networking or mobile applications; distribution through schools, libraries or the meetings and conferences of nonprofit organizations; or other comprehensive distribution/engagement plans.


To be eligible, projects must have received full or partial funding for production, distribution and/or outreach from a private, community, operating or corporate foundation; a corporate giving program; or a donor network. The grantmaker does not have to be a member of the Council or GFEM. The Council will not consider submissions that have been funded solely by public agencies or federal or state grants. The films and videos must have been completed within the two years prior to June 6, 2011. Works may be of any length - from feature length to a brief public service announcement. They can be dramatic narrative or documentary. No works in progress will be considered. All submission forms, DVDs, and entry fees must be received by June 6.


Organizations and filmmakers may submit as many film and video projects as they wish. For each submission, the Council must receive the following by June 6:

  • The submission form, completed online at Print a copy of your form before you submit it electronically.
  • Five printed copies of the submission form, along with five DVD copies of your film.
  • A check in the amount of $60 payable to the Council on Foundations for each submission. This fee helps cover a portion of the program's administrative expenses.

DVD submission instructions:

  • Do not include more than one project on a single DVD.
  • Films in languages other than English must have subtitles or be dubbed. DVDs must be formatted in Region 0 or 1.
  • If submitting a film from a multi-part series, submit only one episode, up to 90 minutes, that stands on its own.

Projects may be submitted by filmmakers, project directors, sponsors or funding sources. If possible, the person or organization submitting the work should provide published reviews of the work, articles about the project or funders, and promotional and outreach materials, such as stills, brochures, press releases, etc.

The Council on Foundations can only be responsible for the safety of your work while it's in our possession - from the time it arrives at the Council's offices to the time it is returned to you. If damage or loss occurs during this time frame, the Council will compensate you for the DVD(s) lost or damaged. Please do not submit original materials. DVDs and submitted materials will not be returned. Please direct all questions to Evelyn Gibson at


Projects will be reviewed by a program curator and a diverse screening committee consisting of grantmakers, filmmakers and media users. Projects will be partially judged on the quality of the storytelling and the film's production values. Foundations are interested in films that can be used to bring attention to important issues, introduce audiences to new or unfamiliar cultures, or provide new information including ideas that counter-balance conventional thinking. In addition to a film's content, therefore, 50 percent of the judging will be based on the quality of a project's outreach or audience engagement plan.

Approximately 15 films are selected to be in the festival. Of those, two films will receive the Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film & Digital Media from Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media. Named in honor of a man who broke traditional molds of documentary filmmaking and put excellence and innovation at the forefront of his work, the Henry Hampton Award honors the very best in foundation-funded media.

If your film or video is selected for the festival, it will be promoted to funders and screened during the Council on Foundations' Annual Conference, the Fall Conference for Community Foundations and the Family Philanthropy Conference. By submitting an entry, you certify that you have copyrights to the film that authorize you to permit the Council to screen the film at its events. The Council will only show films on a non-commercial basis. Only the winners of the Henry Hampton Award, however, will be invited to attend the Annual Conference. A short clip of the festival selections also will be shown on the Council's Film & Video Festival website at


Formed in 1949, the Council on Foundations is a nonprofit membership association of grantmaking foundations and corporations. Members of the Council include approximately 1,800 independent, operating, community, public and company-sponsored foundations, and corporate giving programs in the United States and abroad. The Council's mission is to provide the opportunity, leadership and tools needed by philanthropic organizations to expand, enhance and sustain their ability to advance the common good. Visit the Council's website at


GFEM is an association of grantmakers committed to advancing the field of media arts and public interest media funding. It serves as a resource for grantmakers who fund media content, infrastructure and policy, as well as for those who employ media to further their program goals. GFEM members reflect a wide range of interests and approaches, but share a common interest in the key role media play in building public will and shaping civil society. GFEM is an affinity group of the Council on Foundations. For more information please visit


Winners of the Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film & Digital Media:

Budrus · Crime After Crime

Other festival films:

Dirty Business: "Clean Coal" and the Battle for Our Energy Future · Home Across Lands · Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think · Living Downstream · Lost Angels · Off and Running · Pressure Cooker · Rachel Is · War Don Don · William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

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