Friday, April 29, 2011

Minor Foundation competition for communicating climate change through graphics

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges, a Norwegian nonprofit organizations has launched a competition called “Communicating the Future – Explaining Climate Change through Graphics.” The competition aims to select an extraordinarily good way of communicating the issue of man-made climate change.

The competition aims to inspire participants that have the ability to communicate a complex message in a way that might surprise or even awaken people.

If you can illustrate man-made climate change, its causes or consequences in a way that brings the response

- Aha!

- So this is what it is all about!

- Something has to be done about it!

- We have to reduce our emissions of CO2!

A jury will select three concept notes out of the submissions received by the Foundation. These concept notes will each receive a sum of 100,000 Norwegian kroner. The winner of the competition will receive a sum of 500.000 Norwegian kroner that is meant to finance the completion and implementation of the idea.

Proposals have to be submitted online. The deadline to make the submissions is 1 May 2011.

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