Friday, April 15, 2011

Japan Charity Short Film Project: Let's Make "EGAO (Smile)" Short Film with your pictures!

Dear All, short film lovers,

Hope this email finds you all well. Thank you so much for your kind words and thought to us in Japan.

We, at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, as the Japanese people are facing unprecedented suffering and hardship while striving to begin the process of healing and recovery from the Tohoku Region earthquake and tsunami, have had repeated soul searching discussions and deliberations on what we could do as a festival to help in these efforts.

As a result, we’ve come to the decision that in order to bring even one smile and even a tiny bit of inspiration to as many people as possible through the power of the stories and images of short films, our mission will be to make a short film with you, our supporters, that will give people the inspiration and strength of heart to take that first step towards recovery and the future. We will, with your help, create a short film using your pictures that reflect your feelings of empathy and desire to support those in need.

Yes, we need your help! We are now gathering so many pictures from all over the world and will make a short film using your picture along with a Japanese pop music provided by a Japanese famous singer (TBA).

The theme of the picture is: Capturing the Moment - Bring a Smile to Someone -
Anything would be acceptable, ANYTHING!!
More details can be found here:
How to participate:

Twitter: Follow us @ssff_en and send us the direct mail (@ssff_en) with picture with hushtag #EGAO

Facebook: Put your picture on the wall on

Email: Send the picture to

Send us your picture for this charity project! Believe the power of images! Be part of this project and cheer up Japan!

Best wishes from Tokyo,

All Staffs from Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

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