Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jalebi Ink (www.jalebiink.com), a media collective for children and youth, is looking for volunteers


Jalebi Ink (www.jalebiink.com), a media collective for children and youth, is looking for volunteers.

( Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jalebi-Ink/120863297941920?v=info )

We seek to give young people the skills and tools to communicate about issues impacting on their lives. We have seen a lack of social issue coverage within mainstream media and a huge under-representation of youth in India. Through video, online write-ups, podcasts etc, it is youth who can bring the issues they care about to the forefront their communities. We empower youth to explore social issues and express their thoughts with the creative skills and talents they already have. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and Jalebi Ink offers a constructive and meaningful way to channel their knowledge and opinions into projects.

Project and workshop coordinators:
We need people who will supervise and coordinate projects like Jalebi Radio, GreenWatch and My Mohalla. My Mohalla is Jalebi Ink’s critically acclaimed project that makes anthropologists of young people in the city. It has been covered extensively by the press. Started a year ago, My Mohalla attempts to track the history and culture of Mumbai neighbourhoods through interviews, images and narratives about its people and places.

What we are looking at is leaving some people in charge of specific sections on the site and projects.

These are:

My Mohalla (The Neighbourhood Project): Our premier project that is essentially narratives of neighbourhoods from POV of the children and youth. Hindustan Times called it "a living diary of Mumbai by children". Time Out magazine has called it "an initiative that makes anthropologists out of children."
Read more about it here: http://www.timeoutmumbai.net/client_coverstory/client_coverstory_details.asp?code=1056

The Book Detectives: A platform to discuss books, writers and writing.

Jalebi Radio (online)

Jalebi Talkies: Where we introduce world cinema to children.

General (Includes the sections - Chatterbox, Calendar, general inputs from kids that do not fit into any broad category etc)

We are also creating at least two new sections:

GreenWatch: A section on green issues reported by children from various cities
Jalebi's Jungli Kids: A Nature and Wildlife section

Outreach: We are also looking at increasing Outreach in Mumbai and other cities.

After an orientation session outlining what Jalebi Ink is all about and the kind of content we are for and against, the people in charge of sections will be left to take the sections pretty much where they want to. And each section head will have a short bio and photo in the team's About Us page. There will be no pressure on anyone about deadlines or targets - we just want something to keep happening on the site and in the real world -- and since there are about six diff projects and sections, uploads on the site will keep happening.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in any of the above, let me know.

Anuradha Sengupta

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