Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WAVE volunteer Peeyush Sharma nominates Sapna Shahani for the Virtual Hall of Fame. Sapna is truly touched by these kind words...

The first time that I met her was in a train, she was all into encyclopedia, maps, and yellow pages.

Generally we don’t come across girls with maps, atleast I dont. But she had a map and looked as a great visionary. It was later that I came to know that she wants her life to stand for a cause and anything that brings awareness and a positive change in the society we all live in.

Her summary some where on the Internet says that, “I would like to meet people that facilitate entrepreneurship of innovative businesses in India. I would also like to contribute my varied skills to creative projects, ideally with an important message.”

Truly. She walks her talk. The idea of “ideally with an important message” that too in Indian Backdrop has resulted in the NGO she has founded.

With her creativity, determination, hardships, managing capabilities and fiercely focused approach she has managed the Impossible to speak itself that – I M Possible. Yet she is too down to Earth with not even a single minute trace of arrogance.

She’s Sapna Shahani. Director at WAVE – Women’s Aloud Videoblogging for Empowerment.

The project WAVE that she came up with, which shows hundreds of people who gives us hundreds of reason to inspire. But sometimes I wonder what inspires her? I guess these reason to inspire others.

Happy International Women’s Day Multiply by 100.

I didn't had any photos or video of her.

Peeyush Sharma

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