Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nina Pirtskhalava nominates Journalist Irma Inashvili from Georgia!

It gaves us great pride to host nominees from as far away from India as Georgia. This was emailed in to WAVE today:

With great honor I can present one of the Georgian Woman, the best journalist, my best friend Irma Inashvili (born 06.07.1970) - The head and founder of the Union, Human Rights Defender, Since December 2010 – Media Ombudsman of Resistance Movement. She is really bright person in our, Georgian local history because all of her bests are focused on Social Justice, Democracy and free media. If media are a mirror of society as they should be, they certainly need to reflect better the fact that gender equality is a fundamental human right. Whole of her work experience is the argument of fighting for making the world a better place for our daughters, as well as our sons, grandsons, and ourselves.

In her 22, when was Georgian – Abkhazian War, she was One journalist woman, who was prepared the materials from front line and after walked with bitten soldiers and refugees trough the high mountains. She has daughter (10 years) and the son (9 years).

With the initiative of Objective and its partner French journalism organization Journalists for Journalists, documentary films were screened in Brussels (Crown Plaza hotel , May 25-26, 2010. It was the first show in Europe) and photos of raid of peaceful protestors were exhibited. In addition, “Zone of deprived rights”(in English), a handbook published by "Historical Heritage", a non-governmental organization, was also presented. The collection combines the facts of human rights abuse and conclusions by human rights non-governmental organizations, as well as abstracts from Ombudsman’s reports. Special English edition of newspaper "Georgia and World", which tells about robbery and raid of offices of the publishing house and "Historical Heritage" soon after the release and presentation of the “Zone of deprived rights” was also presented.

She is an author of the documentary films : “In a city the murderer”, “Dead end” .

At March 1 , 2010 Irma Inashvili met with the Heidi Hautala, the chair of the committee on Human Rights of the European Parliament .

The information on Media Union OBIEKTIVI (founded 2003)

1. Media union "OBIEKTIVI " includes work of Internet-TV, radio (on own frequency FM 105.0), newspapers and news agency.

2. More than 60 representatives of NGOs and the youth organizations are Leading TV - and radio programs.

3. The base of Media union "OBIEKTIVI " is a place of training for newcomers in journalism.

4. For each representatives of a society, irrespective of vision and the social status, "OBIEKTIVI" gives possibility for open expression of their positions.

5. Organized by "OBIEKTIVI " «street TV» is really street TV, the chosen transfer, for a week on I–Net TV is shown for passers-by.

6. web page - - represents archive of telecasts, newspapers and street TV, also the video-material which has been finished shooting during visits to Brussels and to Strasbourg.

7. In regions of Georgia the newspaper " OBIEKTIVI" distributed free.

8. The 25 the channel in Batumi broadcasts " OBIEKTIVI " TV programs.

irmairma7778 skype

Irma Inashvili – on facebook

with best wishes Nina Pirtskhalava , Founder of Georgian Association of University Women

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